Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Tomson & Wotton table water

During the late Victorian period up until the early 1920's , there were 23 mineral water manufacturers recorded as operating during that period in Thanet. Many being small independant manufacturers trading for a few years. The mineral water trade in Margate was dominated by the big three Reeve, Barrett and Harlow. However in Broadstairs and Ramsgate there was no such dominance with many smaller companies supplying both visitors and locals. The Granvile Hotel even produced and bottled its own mineral water in coloured glass bottles which are highly collectable today. Other lesser known manufactures were Silas Daniel the Chemist in Harbour Street, Mrs Smith of Turner Street,George Sykes and Darling & Co both of Turner Street. There were also larger concerns like S.G Philpott of Cavendish Street and Josiah Edward Austin of Victoria Road Ramsgate. Even the brewers got in on the act like E G Wastell of Queen Street Ramsgate and Tomson & Wotton also of Queen Street.
Tomson & Wooton had been long established brewers in the town for many years with Tomson brewing since the 17th Century. In 1889 the company opened a shop in Canterbury in St Dunstans Street selling stouts , ales and table water. The table water was produced at the Queen Street brewery and was also sold in Thanet. Pictured above is a Tompson & Wotton table water bottle found on a local dig which is an early version of the crown cap flat bottom variety of the early Edwardian style.


John said...

I have a Tomson & Wotton pint glass with 'All Bright Light Bitter Ale' embosed on it, with 3/- over printed in black on the label.

Peter Moynihan said...

This glass was produced in the 1980s and, as such, is not strictly a Tomson & Wotton glass. If my memory serves me right there were five others produced using old beer labels and the same range were available as greetings cards. For more information on Tomson & Wotton and other Thanet breweries see my book "Kentish Brewers and the Brewers of Kent". Available from me on

John said...

No this is definately an old glass not one from the eighties!

Patricia Hook said...

Apparently, some of my relatives, the Hennings, had a mineral water company in Margate in the early 1900s, I believe. Tricia Hook