Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Us and them

With Thanet Life touching on the subject of Thanet's social history, unemployment and welfare. The first thing that came to mind was the appalling situation the working class in Thanet faced in the 1930's and the patronising attitude of some sections of the middle class had towards working people. Someone even produced a series of postcards of people working with captions which are nothing more than insulting as in the case of this one "work boys work, and be contented". The men in the postcard are employees of the Isle of Thanet Gas company working in Northdown Road digging up the road opposite St Paul's Church, the posture and body language of the man with bowler hat speaks volumes.
During the 1930's many people suffered chronic poverty in Thanet due to the collapse of the capitalist system in the Wall Street crash and the actions of a Conservative Government for something that was not their fault. Today with the global credit crisis and the rhetoric coming from the "bash those on benefits" section of the Conservative Party could history be repeating itself if the Conservatives are elected at the next general election.


Millicent said...

Interesting article but I'm sure if you checked the shop owners with the Kelly's Directory and look more closely at the costumes you will see that this photograph was taken a lot earlier than the 1930s. From the length of the women's coats and the fact that they are all wearing dark clothes I suggest probably 1916-17

Tony Beachcomber said...

Millicent you could have a point it may be earlier. I have run a magnifyer over the Daily Mail headline and it looks like "Death of Dukso Fifi"

Anonymous said...

My Great Aunt lived in a groundfloor flat behind Pettmans in Cliftonville, she was an Edwardian and died in the late 70s. She remembered Northdown Road as it was back then and you could still feel that Edwardian air about it which I think went with the closure of Bobbies Department Store.

Richard Card said...

Tony we do need to deal with the problem of the burgeoning public sector parasite. We are becoming a country of two castes. Those employed in the public sector issuing benefits. And those unemployed (and unemployable) drawing benefits.

Yesterday we traced a former tenant of ours to an area in the South. He skipped pocketing £1500 of Local Housing Allowance. On his next tenancy he skipped after four months with £1000 of LHA in his pocket.

I have done some research on him and his partner (two kids hardy perennial dole scroungers). Hence I contacted utilities who are after them for £900 of unpaid electric and gas for less than a year in North of England tenancies.

I contacted the bailiffs acting for Watford Council who passed their Liability Orders for past unpaid (or repaid) council tax. Perhaps he had been caught fiddling council tax benefits there in the past.

I then wrote to Watford council to tell them they should approach the council in the area we have traced him to as he will be draing housing benefits there.

When an address emerges it will filter back to me and I will chase him for my money. I have had £500 off him so far when he was at his last address and I will chase him again(he is a West Indian but hey must not say that as would cause ECR raciphobe hiccoughs).

If you look on internet Tony you will find that they exchange tips on how to move and pocket housing allowance instead of paying rent.

They give each other tips on how to fiddle benefits.

His wife phoned my wife some time ago asking if she could intercede to get me to leave them alone. As I had ensured that about thirty grands worth of their past scams had caught up with them via bailliffs and debt collectors.

My wife just told her "We told you at the start don't owe us money"

Next thing will be a letter to the electoral return officer in his new area because I want them on the voters list so their debts can trace and catch them.

Tony you must understand that the TV prog "Shameless" is not a comedy. It is a diocumentary with laughs.

And the reason the parasites get such a high standard of living is that the public sector does not do its job.

In the case of the running Caribbean I have caused the manager of the last jobcentre he signed at to be on the wrong end of a bollocking. Trouble is we never sack public sector parasite employees.

We just sit back and wait for their pension burden to bankrupt the nation. In the meantime we maintain a huge parasite benefits dependency whilst the Poles come over and do the work.

Richard Card said...

PS You have unemployed in Thanet ?

There are 800 job vacancies a week advertised up here. Why don't they stop their whinging and move to take work ?

Anonymous said...

Rick, where's "up here"?

Millicent said...

Dukso Fifi unlikely but might be Cookson? Or Duke of Fife? I'll keep searching - may not be Daily Mail headline at all of course as they may just have put it in that holder.

Tony Beachcomber said...


The newspaper headline is difficult to read because of the Wire mesh holding the paper in. I will see if I can pick out more detail.