Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

More junk ?

These two 1920's bottles pictured are embossed M. J. Harlow , Margate which is a Margate mineral water company that no longer exists . The initials standing for Michael James Harlow who as records show was in business in late 1877 producing mineral waters from the old brewery at 94 High Street, Margate. Today the site is occupied by W.H.Smith.
Harlow's position at the 94 high street was well placed for trade and like all mineral water business's in the town, Harlow prospered well due to the Victorian holiday trade. By 1898 the business moved to larger premises with a manufacturing plant and offices in Chaucer Road, Margate. Many people may be unfamiliar with this address which in 1901 became Addiscombe Road after some of the streets in Margate were renamed. The directory in Margate library does list the business as trading from 33 Addiscombe Road, Margate in 1901.
Trading from Addiscombe Road, Harlow soon became a major player in the Margate mineral water trade competing with the likes of Reeve & Co , Hawley Street and Barrett & Co, Eaton Road supplying the hotel trade and visitor destinations with mineral waters and ginger beer. Harlow bottles carried the heavy embossment MJH which was very distinctive and appeared on most bottles. The bottles pictured are the crown cap type which the company used up until 1924 when the business closed due to difficult trading conditions due to the post first world war slump that hit the holiday trade. The site was taken over by Barrett & Co who remained manufacturing on the site until the 1980's.
M J Harlow used many glass bottle designs like aqua embossed Hamiltons which in the early years were acid etched . Other glass bottles included aqua embossed Codd's, aqua embossed internal screw top cylinder, green embossed dumpy seltzer and aqua embossed Sykes Mcvay. In my time I have came across every example of each except the Sykes Mcvay which is a very rare find. I have also found fragments bearing the address 94 High Street, Margate in the cave at Kingsgate that collapsed in 1978 and collapsed again in 1998 due to subsidence.
Today many of the bottles disposed of from the Chaucer Road / Addiscombe Road site remain buried under the raised ground besides Dane Park that links Thanet Road Margate with the bottom of Wildernesss Hill, Margate when the artificial rock face at Dane Park was also constructed close to the pond.


Jeremy Jacobs said...

Excellent post Tony and a very interesting blog.

ascu75 aka Don said...

Got several bottles and ginger beers of Thanet but my favourite is a two gallon Ginger beer and also a reeve and co salesmans sample

Tony Beachcomber said...

Jeremy, Thanks for the comment

Don, thats interesting about the salesmans sample. What are the ginger beers and do any of your bottles have a blue marble.

Millicent said...

While digging up the garden of my 1905 house in Ramsgate we found a complete clear glass bottle inscribed Philpott, Ramsgate,1914 who I believe manufactured aerated water.

Donald said...

Only ever common gingers sold all the rare ones for food tokens no blue marbles but I might still have a pair of blue reeve soda syphons The sample one is nice if I can pesuade the wife to take a piccie I will send it to you

Tony Beachcomber said...


Stephen George Philpott manufactured mineral waters from 1A Cavendish Street from 1850.In 1878 opened a store at 16 High Street, Ramsgate. All glass bottles carried a date, and ginger beers carried 1850.I 1905 the High Street shop closed. In 1920 the business ceased to trade and was bought by the Ozonic Mineral Water Company.
Also have you got the stopper, if not I have a spare stopper dated 1914 you can have.

Tony Beachcomber said...


Out of interst are the soda syphons acid etched and is the colour a blue aqua or a darker cobalt blue.

Anonymous said...

just dug up a bottle in margate Philpott Ramsgate dated 1895 with stopper

Tony Ovenden said...

Great find especially with the original stopper.

paul nicholson said...

I dug up a philpott bottle dated 1884 whilst fixing main inspection terminal of drainage, at the back of what used to be beryl court hotel clifftonville whilst renovating the building and turning it into flats, is it worth anything ? I also worked on the old masonic church site in Hawley sqaure, whilst digging out by hand I might add,apart from discovering many old broken clay pipes with masonic symbols on the side of them, there was and still is a smugglers tunnel that leads right down to Margate harbour off of a secret little chamber under the church, I also dug up what I presume was the vicars small dog n ball size of a small jack russell , I also dug up quite a few small old bottles an earthenware coopers patent preserve jar large which after considerable research I can not find one the same,also a bloater paste pot lid the celebrated masonic sauce from the Yarmouth fishing vessel blanchflower, whilst working there an american masonic historian turned up he told me that the church was the first masonic church in this country he even told me the name of the pastor vicar whom opened and ran the place I think it was john someone or other as it was back in 2004 or so I can't fully fully remember,yet again more evidence of the clergy in Thanet being involved in smuggling contraband, I was wondering if Mr ovenden or anyone for that matter has anymore information on this site!.

Jilka Newbury - Brandt said...

Found this link whilst researching my ancestry... Michael Harlow is my great great great great grandfather and just wanted to let you know it was lovely reading this post. Thanks for all this valueable information

Anonymous said...

Hi have just noticed this post and Stephen Phlpott is my 3x great uncle.

it's really nice reading all this valuable information and if any one would send me a picture of the philpott bottles i would be really grateful.


Evonne Philpott