Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Friday, 28 August 2009

The History Detectives

Following on from my previous posting, Millicent made a comment on the probable date of the postcard suggesting that it could have been taken around the First World War period. She suggested that going by the fashion of those ladies pictured the photograph was more than likely around the First World War period. This prompted me to examine the detail of the photograph with a jewellers loop. I was able to pick out some wording on a newspaper board outside one of the shops " death of dukso fife ?", I notified Millicent. She replied with a newspaper cutting of the death of the Duke of Fife from the New York Times dated January 31st 1912. Further research was found in Richard Clements book "Margate in Old Photographs" (ISBN 0-7509-0112-8), on page 47 shows a picture taken in Margate High Street in March 1912 of road works laying a system of underground Telephone cables and a reference to a local newspaper reporting the laying of the system in a March 16th issue. Therefore it is conclusive that the photgraph was tken in 1912 and not in the 1930's as I previously suggested.
However, what does remain is the social attitude to the working class.

Millicent also informs me that on the right hand side of the photograph is a photographers shop, well part of it. This shop is the premises of Sunbeam Photographs started by John Milton Worsell with help from none other than Frederick Lewis Pettman.


Richard Card said...

Tony I wonder if you and Margate Historical Society could explore and recount the history of the Dane Valley Arms.

Was the failure to put the railway link by the constructed intended railway tavern an early sign of resort decline ? Was it due to the depression ?

Impressive detective work re the 1912 photo.

Richard Card said...

Oh yes I also meant to ask about the Dane Valley plague of rats ?

When was that ?

Tony Beachcomber said...

The South Eastern & Chatham Railway company proposed to open a railway station at Dane Valley called Cliftonville Halt to ease some of the congestion at Margate. Thompson's Walmer brewery as a result of speculation built a Railway Hotel close to the proposed site. The new station would have been a long distance from the heart of Cliftonville and the idea never materialised as it feared people would not use it. This left the Hotel high and dry surrounded by a few buildings.

Millicent said...

Thanks Tony for allowing me to help!Time Team should watch out!

Tony Beachcomber said...


I do like it when, historians can pool resources and come up with a result. It all seems wothwhile.