Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Saturday, 11 July 2009

Margate Historical Society

On page 11 of the Isle of Thanet Gazette (10/07/09) there is a statement by Thanet District Council that the Margate Museum will remain closed for the foreseeable future, which is very bad news for promoting the heritage of Margate as a tourist resource as the Museum has always been the nucleus of all things heritage in Margate.The situation for all things on the heritage and historical side in Margate is facing a bleak outlook and it is so easy at this moment in time to criticise TDC as practical solutions are hard to come by. I do not see criticism at this moment in time as really achieving anything .
However, as a result of the TDC decision and looking at the more practical side as a way forward, a sub committee of the Margate Historical Society held a minuted meeting today (11/07/09 ) with the intention of putting the entire Margate Historical Society archives in our possession on the Internet. In real terms a cooperative of Margate Historians are getting together pooling their resources to promote the History of Margate over the Internet, keeping to the mission statement of the Margate Historical Society to "Seek and Conserve the History of Margate". Lyn and Kate Jackson will be heading the internet project with a supporting team including myself.
Collectively there is a potential collection of 8,000 images each with supporting information available, there is also published works of the Margate Historical Society which is currently being indexed plus there are further unpublished works all to go on the Internet. The society will also accept articles, and articles from former contributors are most wellcome. The funding side of things is being looked into but we do not expect any problems as we have kept a magazine going for over ten years. It has been agreed to do a reprint of the millenium booklet which we still have on disk, plus the society will look at publishing to raise additional funds.

As for my Blog, in the near future I will cease publishing Margate articles , photographs , prints and pictures as they will come under the Margate Historical Society on their new site.
I will continue covering found artefacts and items around Thanet especially those recovered on the foreshore. Also I will continue with topics.


Bertie Biggles said...

A sad decision by small minded men, Tony, who seem quite content to pour tax-payers money down the bottomless drain that TC and its related art projects has become over the past 8 years, but Margate Museum is not cost effective? My estimate is that each visitor to TC will cost a subsidy of £20 per head to the tax-payer. What subsidy was too much for Margate Museum? Its all a question of what they really want the Museum space for! Good luck with the archive project and its new site.

Tony Beachcomber said...


I always think running a Museum only costs as much as you are prepared to put in it.
The most valueable contribution is always the volunteer and community input. Something TDC need to loook into.