Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Friday, 29 May 2009

Tiger Moth

As the Margate Museum remains closed for the foreseeable future, members of the Margate Historical Society are still dealing with the enquiries the Museum normally handles on a day to day basis. Eventhough the magazine is no longer published the core members are still active researching to seek and conserve the history of Margate, research does not stop at Margate. In fact the history of Broadstairs, Ramsgate, the Villages and rural history is equally respected.
My blog is doing a rerun of old articles published about 9 years ago when the fee paying membership was low and the circulation of the Magazine was less than a hundred. So it is important to get all this information on the web and share it with those who are interested so they can build up personal archives.

The closure of the Margate Museum has left scars, especially the way the system turned and alienated Historical activists or the band of brothers as I like to call them. The commitment by some local politicians to our history and heritage is nothing more than a load of lukewarm gestures which is laughable. Things could have been done differently, however TDC have chosen the difficult path as usual. So now it is up to us to promote Margate's History and do something about it.

Getting back to doing what we do best, I had a enquiry about a Tiger Moth ditching in the sea of Margate in the 1950's. Instead of emailing the details to the chap, I thought I will share this one as some people do have good memories and could add to the account.

On 3rd September 1953 a De Havilland 82A Tiger Moth (G-ANEX) took off from Ramsgate Airport.The aircraft owned by the Ramsgate Flying Club was piloted by 19 year old Robert Paterson (USAF personnel based at Manston). The aircraft ditched in the see off Margate and the pilot was rescued by Taffy Rooke in his boat "The Wanda". Later the Aircraft was under tow by Taffy Rook and sank off Palm Bay where it still remains today.

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