Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Friday, 22 May 2009

Doing the decent thing.

This morning I donated the Spitfire part I found at Ramsgate to the Spitfire and Hurricane museum. I informed the curator of the pilots name and where he is buried and the rest of the details. As I left the museum I felt pleased that thanks to quality research , Sgt Guy Chesnut now has a piece of history behind him. Like many of the servicemen buried at Margate cemetery every one has history behind them. Thanks to John Williams, Mick Twyman, Alf Beeching and Chris Sandwell a lot of work has been undertaken researching each individual serviceman buried at the cemetery so future generations can now have a written record of their sacrifice. John has so much information he has enough content to give guided tours.

Good news for once on the front page of today's Isle of Thanet Gazette that the Ramsgate maritime museum is to reopen following pressure by the Labour party petition and the Isle of Thanet Gazette's campaign. I think the overwhelming support given to the Gazette's campaign even surprised the Gazette. However, the Margate Museum issue is still to be resolved with KCC getting a mention in dispatches.
To be honest I think merging the collection and archives with KCC and the libraries is the only option.

There is a quote by the TDC spokesman that did make me smile, " There is also the possibility of involving volunteers in a short term role," He added but warned " There are issues around the long term future of volunteers and the care of artefact's". I couldn't possibly think where the first part of that comment is being aimed at. Any ideas?

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