Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Friday, 17 April 2009

Thanet Dinosaur egg ?

Throughout the world there are many gems and items of natural history that have exotic names from the location where they were found. Recently a photograph came to light of something I found on the beach about nine years ago when I carried out a Amber hunt on our beaches during the winter of year two thousand. The item was a piece of wood resin that I found on the beach at Cliftonville which I named Dinosaur egg . As you can see from the picture it does have that look about it. Eventually, by the spring of that year I had built up good a collection of natural wood resins and Amber which I eventually donated to Sarah at the Shell Grotto for exhibition.

I do apologise for the glasses, and yes I have now been to Specsave.

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ascu75 aka Don said...

dinosaurs on Thanet beaches as well as the council chambers what ever next