Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Little Teddy Brown down at "Margit"

It is surprising how often Margate is mentioned in dusty old sheet music from the music hall era. In volume 4 number 2 of the Margate Historical Society magazine (June 20001), Max Tyler a historian and archivist of the British Hall Music Hall Society produced an article on the subject for the magazine. He listed many lyrics, and my favourite is by "Little Teddy Brown at Margit", who was in fact Harry Randall a well known music hall performer at the time. In his book Harry Randall mentions that he performed at the Marina which was at foot of the Jetty. Which as most local historians know was the Marine Palace which destroyed in a storm November 30th 1897. I have reproduced one of his posters, and I do apologise for the quality. On his right in the poster there are some pillars which look like the pillars of Kent Hotel redrawn with a bit of artistic license. The Kent Hotel in its time was well known as a Victorian Music Hall providing entertainment with local talent, in the late Dr Alan Kay's notes he writes that in 1846 guide the Kent is mentioned as having "convivial meetings every evening, the chair being taken by Mr wood, with his comic songs and concerts". The Kent Hotel with its wrought iron balcony supported by pillars was an icon of our seaside heritage , it was removed to make way for a trashy arcade in very controversial circumstances with TDC right at the heart of it. This article is a reminder and serves as another reason to support the campaign by the Isle of Thanet Gazette to Save the past for the future. The time has come to stop the destruction of our seaside heritage starting with keeping our Museums open.
I end with little Teddy Brown's lyrics
"With a brown hat and pair of brown shoes,
A brown face, through the sun and lots of booze,
Some browns (pennies) in my pocket,
Which I don't mind if I blues,
I'm little Teddy Brown down at Margit"

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ascu75 aka Don said...

Sung by Harry Randal got me confused with Harry Ramsden I could do with a portion of fish n chips