Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Sunday, 11 January 2009

Missing Tudor House furniture ?

Just before Christmas I paid a visit to the excellent Tudor House Christmas event. I took along my camera especially to take photographs of the carved Burmese furniture which has been in the Tudor House since the 1950's. To my dismay I found there were only two items of carved furniture on display .
As far as I can remember back to the days when the Tudor House was open to the public and would receive thousands of visitors on a annual basis, there was a collection of Burmese carved furniture. Now there is only two items so where has it gone ?
Just in case I am losing my marbles, I thought I better check this one out. Taking into consideration the TDC public collection inventory is a top secret document to the public and access forbidden even under the Freedom of Information act, I knew I had to use my own resources again to find out what the score is.
It appears from the copy document in A4 from the 1990's that there are five items of furniture on the accession register . At the time of the Tudor House closure TDC did not even know the status of the furniture regarding ownership or loan. This falls in line with what I have said before regarding the handover of artefact's from the Town Councils to TDC during local government changeover in the 1970's, it was total chaos.
However, it appears the furniture does have a owner and the furniture is on a informal loan to Thanet District Council as part of the extract of a letter I have obtained confirms.

The question I would like to raise is the furniture missing or is it a case of out of site, out of mind ?


Anonymous said...

Doesn't TDC have a specialist councillor for dealing with this ?

Chair issue.

Best wishes from the retired one.

ascu75 aka Don said...

possibly on his or her training course for furniture conservation

Matt B said...

So many questioned being raised yet so few answers forthcoming. It worries me.

Anonymous said...

I thought there were two chairs and a big table in the Tudor House a couple of years ago - and wasn't a small Burmese table stored at the museum?

The donation/loan status was never fully resolved as far as I can recall.

I don't think items in the Tudor House in 1994 were included in Margate Museum inventory.

Margate Family History said...

The guy dealing with the 'takeover' is Chris Tull

Tony Beachcomber said...

Annon, 16:24 They could be anywhere and I should think the state of conservation should be another concern.
Matt, it appears that for the first time in 15 years there is a designated TDC officer overseeing the collection, thanks for that info Margate Family History

Anonymous said...


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