Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Sunday, 7 December 2008

Margate Harbour area from the air 1920 to 1953 postcards

Three postcards of the Margate Harbour area from the air, the top postcard is pre 1924 dated by the two lifeboat houses on the Jetty. The second postcard shows the Fort Hill dual carriage way development post (1938) which was completed post war.The Droit House looks like the post war replacement and the absence of the Camera Obscura bombed 1941 along with other buildings on the Jetty entrance indicates that this postcard is definately post war plus even though Margate College is visable on the present day Somerfeild site and Holy Trinity church is still visable yet both buildings were bombed during the second world war and were later demolished. So I reckon I could say about 1947 any ideas.
The bottom postcard is from my saved from the bonfire collection with the pre 1953 lighthouse. In this one the Tivoli goods yard can be clearly seen in the foreground.


Peter Checksfield said...

I don't think I quite appreciated how big the Holy Trinity church was until now! Can you confirm the story that this was destroyed in the same raid that badly damaged The Winter Gardens?

Anonymous said...

I am sure I read on one of the local forums / blogs (maybe this one) that the bomb that destroyed Holy Trinity had bounced from somewhere else....certainly my mum remembers it being hit.

Tony Beachcomber said...

Peter, the eastern end of the Winter Gardens was hit on the night of 7th July 1941 and was a direct hit. I not sure if German intelligence selected the Winter Gardens as a target because of the role it played in the Dunkirk evacuation as a holding area. But it was no coincidence that building of large gatherings of people like cinemas like the Astoria top of Northdown Road and Hippodrome, Cecil Square were hit.

Holy Trinity Church was hit on a daylight raid on the 1st June 1943, other hits included the high street. The impact of that raid tilted the Tudor House slightly and the east wall in the Grotto alter chamber collapsed. There has been many debates amongst local historians as to whether the Church was an intented target as the Fokker Wolf aircrafts were returning from an aborted raid. However, some beleive the church tower was being used as an observation post. Annon 00:49 is quite right in stating that german bombs bounced. One past through the Pettman building in Athelstan Road and bounced into Horace Tyzak's shop on the corner of Northdown Road totaly destroying it. I have tried looking at the building looking for the repaired hole, but no luck.

Marc Levack said...

Its a wonderful church.I have tried looking at the building looking for the repaired hole, but no luck.