Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Monday, 8 December 2008

Holy Trinity Church , Margate

Following on from yesterday Peter Checksfield remarked on the height of the Holy Trinity Church that stood in Trinity Square. This painting by Webb shows an early 1860 view of the church consecrated in 1829 dominating the skyline as seen from the sea. The painting belongs to Thanet District Council and is believed to be valued at £100,00 , it use to hang in the entrance of the Margate Library before "modernisation". I have reproduced the top left hand corner of the painting. There are many features in the painting like the chimney to the right of the Church spire that belonged the Cobb Margate Brewery, also the Britannia Inn is visable and so is the Fort Paragon building.

Below is a view of Holy Trinity Church taken about sixty years later, this time from the air. The approach is from Fort Hill and below is the land now occupied by the Police Station. Once again the chimney from the Cobb Margate brewery can be seen along with other Margate landmarks. I cannot see the war memorial unveiled on 5th November 1922, but it may be out of view.
From the photograph which is in fact a postcard, it does appear that it has been snowing. In a way this is more than likely the same view the Luftwaffe had on 1st June 1943 without the snow of course. The only other difference was their bombing run started from the south of Margate.

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