Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Friday, 12 December 2008

George Hoare Margate Photographer

George Hoare was 19 when he left home his in Wales in 1898 to settle down in Margate to work as a photographer. He worked for Goodman and Schmidt who ran a photography shop in Northdown Road. Goodman and Schmidt also owned a studio in Fort Road, Margate from where George worked from. The studio later became known as Goodmans studio and eventually Hoares Studio when George took over the running of the business.

I was aware of the Hoares series of postcards but I knew very little about his work. It was when I became a Margate Charter Trustee and Roy Ford became Mayor that the opportunity came my way. Roy wanted the vault in the old town hall tidied up. During the tidy up, Alan Miles the town seargant at the time came across a box of old postcards, documents, a photograph album and a large thick scrap book. The scrap book was very interesting as it was a war time scrapbook of press cutting,souvenirs and photographs kept by George Hoare who was the Mayor of Margate in 1940 . Some of the photographs were of wartime events and some these images had never been seen before. Equally interesting were topo graphical samples of George's work from the Edwardian period when he was a young photographer. Closer examination revealed that some of his work must have been sold to other publishers who produced many postcards of the period. It was evident that many well known postcards of the Edwardian period and later were actually the work of George Hoare, like the postcard featured.

George took many photographs from his house in Fort Cresent, Margate. This included the construction of the Winter Gardens, The Royal Navy Fleet off Margate and the Jetty. I believe from what I saw that all the well known postcards taken from that location at that period are the work of George Hoare. Later when he took over the running of the business from Goodmans he produced the Hoare's Series postcards which were sold from his wife's gift shop.

The Margate Charter Trustees retained the topo graphical Edwardian collection. The Scrap Book, the contents of the photo album including family photographs, documents and later postcards were donated to the Margate Museum. Combined with the archive on George Hoare, the Margate Museum has an excellent archive of the Edwardian photographer who later became Mayor of Margate in the most difficult period in Civic history.


ascu75 aka Don said...

Interesting ....its suprising what you dont know but nice to find out cheers Don

Tony Beachcomber said...

Don, I have a mountain of information ready for the new year including a set of prints.