Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Sunbeam Photographs

In the mid 1970's I worked for a company called Dane Park packaging in Rosedale Road, Margate. The premises once used by Sunbeam Photographs and in one part of the building was all the old redundant developing equipment. In another part of the building there were boxes of old postcards in the original bundles and boxes. They were all of the sepia variety and were all pre 1953, the majority had deterioted through dampness and I was instructed to burn them. As I was throwing them on the bonfire I put all the decent ones to one side. Eventually I had about 1500 postcards and the foreman at the time let me have them. Over a period of time I made them up into sets and gave them away to anyone who had a interest in them.

Above is one of the postcards of Palm Bay in its post war glory. In the bottom right hand corner is the Sunbeam shop for Palm Bay situated on the slipway. The shop was cut into the chalk and people could collect their photographs from there. A Sunbeam photoghrapher would always ensure that if he took a photograph and a Sunbeam shop was nearby, it always appeared somehwere in the picture as in this postcard.

On the subject of Sunbeam photographs, I have been featuring on my blog Sunbeam photographs from the Margate Museum collection and expressed concerns about the future of the Sunbeam collection once the Museum is closed . When I looked at the Margate Museum website yesterday, I see that TDC have now appointed a caretaker and the public can still have access to the Sunbeam collection by appointment but the museum is still closed.

It did make me smile when I read that.

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