Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Old Margate 1879 and the present day Turner site

This map of Margate is dated 1879 of where the new Turner Center is to built and like the map I published yesterday should give some indication what will lie under the Turner Center when the foundations are dug. The chances of anything archaeological are probably remote because the ground has been made up with hardcore from the previous buildings of the past three hundred years of habitation.
My area of interest for over twenty years is the area known as Great Beach and Fort Point and the the seaward side of the Rendevous car park promenade. Comparing this map with yesterdays map it is noticeable that the original Fort Point was removed during the construction of the Marine Palace and the next point eastwards was renamed Fort Point. To many this fact means absolutely nothing but anyone dating artwork and identifying the area this is something to be taken into consideration. I have seen a few prints of the old Fort Point where people have been unable to identify the location even though the print was clearly Margate, there are views taken from the old Fort Point which are equally baffling to some. Even old pictures of Turners lodgings on the bank side are hard to place.Then there is the Webb painting ( the one that used to hang in the library entrance) of the foreshore of this area looking from the Jetty. All showing features that have long since gone.
These records have proved valuable as reference when digging around the area and over the past 24 years I have dug up many items relating from the George III period , the Marine Palace disaster and the Dunkirk Evacuation. Over a period of time I will feature some of these items.


MaisieGrace said...

Very interesting about the 'relocation' of Fort Point, and also thanks for reproducing the background on the pier.

Tony Beachcomber said...

Thanks you for your comment MaisieGrace, everything on my blog is for everybody to use with the objective of keeping the historical facts correct. Please feel free to reproduce, copy and circulate anything that appears on my blog.