Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Saturday, 1 November 2008

The Battle of Marsh Bay continued

The final page of the Battle of Marsh Bay 1821 article.


Rick said...

Smuggling then is like benefits fiddling now Tony. Swathes of the population see it as a necessary thing to feed the family.

That whole era, the Five Acts ? etc and Peterloo Riots etc, shows where zero tolerance and repressive laws get you.

I still feel great satisfaction about the bailliffs and police I gave hidings to in the 80s allegedly (because I never got charged). And I just wish that we had taken a leaf out of the historical book and picked off targetted figures of base authority.

Mind you charging Maggie with Treason would have had more impact (using forces of the crown to offend against the pople and thereby to commit the treason of undermining the Queen as Fount of All Justice in Mercy)

Oddly if the Miners had pleaded cause to some hereditary peers to inform the Queen of the offences against them by police and demanded immideiate remedy. When that remedy was unforthcoming we could have gone forth in lawful rebellion until the Queen as Fount of Justice was restored to her position as such. To whit we could have killed loadsa coppers.

With the law on our side.

Hope the Sweeney reads this site. I wonder if they were really Thanet coppers if any of them enjoyed a period of horizontal inactivity courtesy of yours truly ?

Let the spirit of the smuggler rise again in our land that the greater good be done ?

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Tony Beachcomber said...

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