Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Sunday, 23 November 2008

1860 Fort Tunnel - Winter Gardens Slope

Anyone walking down the Margate Winter Gardens slope opposite the Britannia Pub might well have noticed a set of timber doors on the right. These doors close the opening to the 1860 Fort Tunnel which was the entrance to the beach before the Winter Gardens and the lower promenade was constructed in 1911. This article is by Mick Twyman volume 10 number 5 Margate Historical Society "Bygonne Margate" details the history of the tunnel .
This article is a follow on to the Sebastopol article previously featured.


Peter Checksfield said...

Fascinating stuff as always, I work at The Winter Gardens so this is of special interest to me.

Tony Beachcomber said...

Peter, I will publish more items from that area as you like it. Plus this the whole area is a center of public attention with the construction of the Turner Center.