Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Thursday, 30 October 2008

Bank Holiday 1977 and the Punk Rockers

A extremely rare photograph from my collection taken on Bank Holiday monday above the slope leading to Dreamland outside the Cinque Ports Public House (Punch & Judy).
The pubs are turning out to close for the afternoon with rival punk and teddy boy gangs spilling out onto the seafront.
Following publicity in the Sun newspaper, the Teddy Boys were in town and were going to sort it out with the Punks on Margate Seafront following a series of highly publised punch ups in the Kings Road , London.
The Police are preventing the Punks from entering Dreamland to avoid any clashes with the Teds who are in the fairground. It appears from the photograph that somebody has over stepped the mark and is feeling the long arm of the law.
In the top right of the photograph the words Punk can be seen on a leather jacket. Central to the Photo there are also a couple of Johnny Rotten look a likes. Other points, is that only one person is wearing flares and the Police vechicle looks like a scouts bus.


Anonymous said...

And one running scuffle stopped when a little lady pushing her old husband in his wheelchair shouted "Excuse me" .... and a scrapping lad shouted "Wheelchair coming through" ... and all the rucks stopped like the parting of the seas. Until he shouted "Wheelchair clear" and both sides went back at it expending lots of energy and doing pretty little damage on each other.

Saw the wheelchair incident happen.

I am not sure if 77 was the year Ricky watched his mates get arrested and put in the van and sussed that the old copper sitting in the van was reading a paper and when his young colleagues tapped he handed keys out without looking up. So Ricky went up repeated the tap and got the keys and let all his local mates out of the van. The young constables reappearing with fresh prisoners let them go to chase Ricky.

And black Margatonians were a bit of a rarity then so Ricky was the most identifiable fleeing local for the police pursuers to concentrate on. "Just get the black mustnm't say it now" the pursuers shouted "He's the beggar who let em out" Police got him but not his mates who he had released.

Anonymous said...

Dare I add that one of Ricky's mates is now an eminent Thanet Freemason ?

Tony Beachcomber said...

Thanks annon, that is a very interesting piece of information for the archives. Like yourself I lived in Margate and we have seen it all skinheads,mods,punks,teds etc.,
If memory serves me correct your mate Ricky used to drink in the Benjamin Beale and I think in later years he had a scar on his cheek.