Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Museum accounts

11th January this year the Gazette published an article about the TDC grant funded East Kent Maritime Trust's failure to produce accounts on time to the Charity commission. Out of interest I looked on the Charity Commission website tapping in the EKMT charity number 288702. It appears after four months since the article appeared no accounts of the public money spent have been published only the word "estimated ". So what on earth is going on, being a critic of the EKMT and TDC at the time I found myself no longer welcome at the Margate Museum along with a few others because we dared to have a point of view. So it is hardly suprising that people haven't rallied around the Margate Museum, unlike Ramsgate where the support for museum facilities is strong. Unfortunately, this is not helping heritage in Margate one bit. The museum service is on its knees regrding finance as I am led to believe, the Tudor House has had shoddy repairs done on it and very little in the way of maintenance. But TDC did remove the tree that would have cause serious problems to the building. The so called summer season is begining and to be honest what has TDC done for culture and the whole thing is a mess. Where is the leadership, after all TDC does have cabinet member for culture.


Mrs Tara Plumbing said...

There are lots of really interesting things on display in the Magate museum.
There is a minimal entry fee so I would encourage people to go and look - before it is closed down!

As for Thanet Council & tourism - well - Tony you say it all so well.

I feel most sorry for the many small businesses across the Isle that rely of the Tourist trade.

Lets face it - a huge chunk of the population live close enough to think of coming here for a day trip or weekend away,
But Thanet is competing with other resorts around the Essex, Kent, Sussex coast - need I say more.

Tony Beachcomber said...

Tara, I also feel sorry for the small business's in the old town area and seafront. It is these small shops that give the area its character. It's just so depressing to see the once vibrant areas of Margate looking like empty. I suppose the only plus at present is margate harbour is under going improvements, hopefully in time for the rest of the "season".

Tony Beachcomber said...

Thinking this through it is so hard to come up with a solution on the subject of Margate's decline that most people can only come up with contributions. One of my observations is that is so evident is that Margate has completly lost it's Maritime identity and character. There is a harbour with no boats, there are no maritime trades or services and even worse only one fishing boat works from the Harbour. Nothing in the parade or old town market place has anything that indicates this is a sea side town. Visitors come down to see the sea and experience the maritime atmosphere, but there is none. Whitstable has capitalised on this theme so well and reaps the dividends.