Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Sunday, 4 May 2008

Land Raising and old bottles

Recently I have been looking at the areas of Margate that have been land raised using Victorian waste with the intention of finding Victorian Bottles. One such site that has caught my attention is Park Road linking Dane Road to Park Crescent. Park Road was constructed prior to the opening of Dane Park in 1898. It is highly unlikely chalk was used as infill, as chalk infill was generally used in promenade construction like the Westbrook promenade construction completed in 1901. A photograph of the Westbrook promenade construction actually prooves this.
Park Road is definately land raised as the picture in the Mayor of Margate parlor "Margate from the Dane" shows clearly before Park Road existed. Today from Park Road you are actually looking down into Dane Park and Dane Park Road and on one side there is a small strip of wooded land banked up. The small strip of overgrown land gives the best clue that it is a Victorian waste site because when Seaboard carried out electrical work there , the guys who had to do the digging unearthed many bottles which were predominately earthenware ginger beer bottles. It is interesting to note that close by is Addiscombe Road which was known as Chaucer Road at the time and that was the manufacturing factory for Michael James Harlow mineral waters. Therefore it is possible that for a short period the Park Road infill may have been a dump site for MJ Harlow.
On another point MJ Harlow was bought out by Barretts in 1924 enabling Barretts and rivals Reeve & Co to dominate Margate mineral water trade.

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kirsty said...

Hi Tony
I was refered to your article by a family history friend and distant realation.
I was really excited to read your article.
M.J.Harlow was my Great,Great Grandad. He was quite a legend in the family history tree. When my Grandad was alive he went to Margate to and trailed the junk shops to try and find a bottle form the factory, alas in vain. It is really fantastic news to hear that you dug some up. I can't wait to tell my mum nad my 2 great aunts, who were his grandaughters!
Best wishes, Kirsty